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By esmiles
October 06, 2016
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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If a tooth is painful when you bite down, when you release your bite or if it is sensitive to chewing only certain foods you may have a crack in your tooth.  Cracks in teeth are challenging to diagnose due to the progression they take.  The importance of catching them before they travel into the tooth is the difference between being able to treat and save a tooth or needing it extracted.

Cracks are hard to see sometimes and how a crack looks is often not what determines how bad it is.  Some crack lines are very superficial staying in the enamel of teeth, we call these craze lines.  As soon as a crack reaches the second layer of a tooth a patient may or may not have sensitivity.  Some of the symptoms patients first have when a crack has traveled into the dentin layer of their tooth are cold sensitivity or biting sensitivity.  Once the crack has traveled further patients can have more severe pain and treatment can involve more extensive treatment to save the tooth.   In some instances a tooth cannot be saved and an extraction is required. 

At your recare visits we look for cracks in teeth and listen to any symptoms you have been experiencing to clue us into a potential cracked tooth problem.  We also determine if treatment is needed to prevent serious problems from developing.

For more information on cracked teeth take a look at our Patient Education tab on our website under Endodontics-Cracked Teeth for more information.