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December 05, 2012
Category: Technology
Tags: Clean and Green  

As of the beginning of this year we have a new piece of technology in our office that allows us to take impressions for crowns and bridges with a blue cam camera. No more mouth full of impression material and best of all this technology produces more accurate restorations in a quick time frame.

At esmiles we have made a conscious decision a few years ago to be as green as we can while still maintaining excellence in the delivery of dental treatment. From our computerized charts and digital x-rays, we have reduced the amount of paper needed in day to day operations. Fluorescent bulbs and recycling of all recyclable material also help us decrease our footprint on the environment and our new Cerec machine continues this philosophy by eliminating most of the material needed in the process of making restorations. Ask us about other ways we encourage our patients to be green as well.