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By esmiles
June 16, 2014
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Do you want a whiter, brighter smile?  Our office offers a range of teeth whitening or bleaching services.  Some people prefer an at home, self-paced whitening option while others prefer the instant results of in office whitening.

At home whitening is the most popular way to whiten, or bleach your teeth and requires 2-3 appointments.  At the first appointment, we take impressions of your teeth that we use to make custom fitted trays for your teeth.   At your second appointment, we try in your trays to ensure that they fit properly and we show you how to use the at home whitening gel.  The third appointment is a quick appointment to check your smile and to be sure that you are seeing the desired results. 

With at home bleaching, you can whiten at your own pace.  Some people will wear the trays every day for a week or two while others may only wear them a few days a week.   Results vary based on the type and amount of stain or shade of your teeth.  Some may see results quickly while others require more sessions in order to achieve their desired results.

 In office whitening is a great option for those desiring a more immediate result.  This is a great option for patients who may have a specific event coming up like a wedding or reunion, or for those who do not want to do the at home whitening.

Your appointment time for in office whitening is usually about 90 minutes.  Before treatment begins, impressions are taken to make custom trays to be used at home for desensitizing treatments or at home whitening to touch up your whitened smile as needed in the future.  Next we use a small mouthpiece and some cotton to hold your lips and cheeks away from you teeth, then a resin material is applied to protect your gum tissues from the whitening gel that is applied to your teeth.  We then attach the ZOOM light to the mouthpiece and the timer is set for 15 minutes.   We recommend that you bring headphones and music to listen to for this appointment as you are in a reclined position with the ZOOM light shining on your teeth for 3 -4 sessions that are 15 minutes each. 

At the end of your whitening session, you will leave with custom trays holding a desensitizing gel on your teeth.  Some patients experience a slight amount of tooth sensitivity following treatment.  It is short lived and usually diminishes within a few days.  The use of the desensitizing gel and fluoride can help with post whitening sensitivity.

 Your custom trays can also be used for at home whitening as needed.  After in office whitening, patients will commonly do a few at home whitening sessions to maintain their whiter teeth.

Zoom Whitening Pen is a new whitening product available in our office.  It is a lower cost option recommended for patients who want to brighten their teeth or for those who prefer not to wear the custom trays needed for at home whitening.

Keep in mind that restorations such as crowns, fillings, or bonding, will not change shade or whiten with bleaching.  These restorations may need to be redone in order to match your other whitened teeth.  You can discuss this with our professional dental staff prior to whitening your teeth.

If you have any questions about whitening your smile, please ask.  We would be glad to help you get a brighter smile.